About Us

Our products are good for you and the environment

We launched our business with four core products: beard & body wash, beard oil, beard balm, and mustache wax. We have plans to expand our offerings to also include shaving creams and soaps, hair pomades, deodorants, lotions, and eco-friendly beard brushes and combs. We have created most of our products to be all organic, but to ensure a more consistent product with an improved shelf life, a few of our products (such as the beard & body wash) had to be made with a preservative. But don’t let that worry you, we use Optiphen: a gentle, all-natural preservative that is essential in killing bacteria and yeasts. These products with the preservative are all natural, but because of our concern with quality, they will not be classified as organic. We hope you understand that this is a necessary precaution because we believe it is important to put good-for-you and safe ingredients on such an important and prominent part of your body.

With our products, we are also focusing on sustainable packaging and giving back to the community and humanity as a whole. With our packaging, we are starting out with recycled glass bottles and aluminum tins, as well as eco-friendly plastic bottles because we understand that recycled (and recyclable) and sustainable packaging is the way of the future—and one of the biggest ways that we can make an impact as a company.

With the purchase of each product, we donate $1 to a charity that corresponds with the scent. We believe this gives you, our customer, the ability to be more interactive with your buying experience. You can either buy a scent because you think you’ll enjoy it, or you can purchase a scent because it corresponds with a charity that shares the same values that you hold dear—a concept we thought was pretty cool. For example, all products under “The Fonz” line will have donations benefitting the National Alliance for Mental Health. We chose this charity because the essential oil combination used has been shown to boost positive emotions, and the name is a nod to the times of Happy Days—a favorite All-American TV show. Some other charities we have selected are Homes for Our Troops and Ocean Conservancy. As we expand, we are wanting to pair with members of our community to develop scents to donate proceeds to a non-profit of their choicebecause we believe we shouldn’t just touch the lives of those with a beard, but also touch the lives of every single person in The United States and abroad through one of our donations.